Fluce Capital is the world’s first ethical crypto currency and fiat managed wealth fund and bank combined. Where traditional banking meets the future, “Banking 2.0”

A decentralized wealth management and banking platform managed by a team of international banking and finance specialists with an extensive experience in wealth and funds management partnered with algorithmic/quantitative trading. We strongly believe in community-centric values, where individuals, institutions and DAO’s will benefit from a democratic, transparent and trustworthy investment platform. Our investment and banking team will actively manage your crypto/FIAT-wealth with best-of-breed technologies, both Blockchain and AI based globally

Ethical & Green Assets

Fluce has a focused investment strategy based on ethical, green, sustainable and crypto assets which the management team of Fluce believes provides it with a comparatively differentiated profile to other tokenised funds and crypto funds currently available
Clean Energy
Sustainable Products
Medical Solutions
Innovative Technology
Responsible Banking
Energy Efficiency
Aged Care
Real Estate
Precious Metals
Hyperloop Transport
Solar Battery Storage Farms

Our Mission

To provide a wide range of high value services covering advisory, financing and investment needs; creating enduring relationships built on trust, which put our shareholders and clients at the heart of everything we do. To continuously enhance our capabilities while adhering to the highest standards of governance and transparency. To always act in the best interests of our clients, shareholders, employees and the societies in which we operate


The wealth management and Banking industry does not look the way it should in the age of digitisation. On one hand, there is an urgent need for a community-centric approach where the wealth management and financial ecosystems becomes more transparent and accessible to all. On the other hand, the disruptive power of the Blockchain continues to be underestimated by most of the financial players despite an exponential community growth. Moreover, cryptocurrencies are lagging to be classified as an asset/securities class and there are few, if any, tailored investment solutions or professional financial advisors available to crypto-holders. In a nutshell, the financial industry desperately needs to reinvent itself and embrace the values of the Fluce Capital Blockchain Movement.

Ethereum Blockchain: a technology to create investment mandates called the smart mandates


Tokenization: Makes it easy to buy and manage a portfolio of crypto assets


Sophisticated investment strategies for all asset classes including crypto currencies


Reinvestment into our portfolio to guarantee growth, whilst, re issuing equity back to our clients based on their investment portfolio



2019 – 2020


• Australian Financial Services License
• SWIFT Code with major International banking correlations
• Off-chain Crypto Wealth Fund
• User Dashboard
• Payment Solutions, just like traditional but with allowance for major approved and accredited Crypto Currencies
• Customer experience, trading and investment review mobile applications
• Readily available National and International investment opportunities within the Wealth Managed Sector with long term revenue streams
2020 – 2021


• Globally Regulated financial and banking organisation
• Smart Mandate Phase 2 (read below)
• Payment Solutions, just like traditional but with allowance for major approved and accredited Crypto Currencies
• Crypto/Precious Metals Vault
• Portfolio diversification, National and International
• Asset and Securities backed investment programs and models
2021 – 2022


• Globally regulated financial institution
• Actively managed token fund
• A1 smart mandate
• Asset tokenisation
• Crypto exchange platform
• Asset tokenisation

Smart Mandate

Phase 1

Fluce Capital

Our core project will be a wealth fund strategy that is managed by a team of accredited professionals in the financial space, Crypto Analyst, and Crypto Traders. This team will be in charge of using several investment methods to maximise our portfolio return while minimising risk. Through our online dashboards and mobile applications our investors will have up to date information on the success of our portfolio.
Phase 2

Fluce Secure

A system, just like an offline wallet or vault, where we store your cryptocurrency investment for our token holders for a small fee in FLC tokens, based on the size of investment

Fluce Me

Similar to storing your crypto currency in escrow, however portfolio holders will be allowed access to their funds at any given time in emergency and death. However, portfolio owners will be provided with a contract for forecasted date of release agreement



Abdul Helou

Abdul Helou is a pioneer in identifying, investing and cultivating the emerging technologies that will define our economy’s next generation.

An early specialist and investor in digital currency, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, Abdul is also a leading early investor in artificial intelligence, deep learning, predictive analytics, and quantum computing as they will affect traditional industries.

Head of Legal & Compliance
Legal & Compliance

David Mullan

David Mullan is a corporate lawyer with over ten years’ experience in financial services law and mergers and acquisitions. He is currently the managing partner of Tahota Law Firm in Australia, western China’s largest law rm with over 1,000 staff throughout its international offices. David also lectures corporate law and property law at Macquarie University.
Wealth Management Expert

Malik Helweh

An Econometrician with extremely broad business experience that spanned over four continents. Malik started as a financial analyst and progressively took his wealth creation, venture capital, and his own entrepreneurial skills to a new level by applying his own “lead from the front” attitude. He established a number of wealth creation projects, investment instruments and business opportunities in a number of countries.
Business Development and Strategy

Kevin Udell

Passionate believer that technology is the key to making the world a better place for all this making society more inclusive and sustainable. Kevin has nearly 20 year experience in tech based companies from software startups to large telecommunication. Skilled at spotting an opportunity, setting strategy through to execution and delivering solutions which focus on great customer experiences to achieve financial outcomes. Significant M&A and investment experience in the technology sector, having held board seats on two IoT and Smart City companies and Chairman of an Ecommerce startup.
Global Crypto Strategist

Tomas Gurvicius

Fascinated by Blockchain and decentralization Tomas dove into the crypto world since 2013. As an International Development postgraduate, he strongly believes in the Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all until 2030. He is now on a mission to identify and support the most promising social impact projects. Industries ranging from motivated start-ups to working with businesses in excess of $100M turnover. He has founded, developed and sold over 15 successful businesses to date, using a proven methodology that has transformed hundreds of her clients’ businesses in Australia, USA and UK and all over Europe.
Token Offering & Corporate Strategy

Ivan Mantelli

Founder and Managing Director of Kapitalized that specialises in ICO and Deal Advisory, Ivan is an experienced strategic and corporate advisor with a background in investment banking and private equity at ABN Amro Australia, and Corporate Strategy and M&A at Fairfax Media. An experienced and hands-on adviser to startups and corporates who has previously built ventures in online retail, peer to peer lending and education.
Legal and Assets

Manuel Garcia Maroto

Real Estate professional and entrepreneur with 18 years of experience and Lawyer Member of Madrid Bar Association. With a background and experience which provides excellent contribution in the Real Estate Industry, Relationship Manager and technical skills, also lawyer specialist in Business and Commercial Law, he bonds them together to get results.

Also a specialist in real estate consultancy and advisory services, with a special emphasis on Institutional Investors and Family Offices, creating opportunities to maximise the value of properties and studying all of the alternatives in order to find the correct one for each client, offering an independent, exclusive and highly qualified service.

Innovative Solutions Strategist

Nikita Samraj

Founder of Ikigai Group Cryptocurrency Consultancy and Co-Founder of Storagemining.io, first in the world renewable energy powered storage mining facility. Nikita is eager to make the world more sustainable, efficient and effective.
Founder and CEO Till Payments

Shadi Haddad

Having spent the last 20 years in the Technology and Payments industry providing services to commercial and all levels of government organisations, Mr. Haddad is a seasoned executive with strong commercial and technical acumen with a proven track record and leadership traits. He has been a strategic technical advisor to multiple federal government agencies across the globe and continues this work, by providing innovative technical and thought leadership across technology and payments sectors. Embracing Blockchain, he is currently running Till which is an emerging full-service payments and taxation compliance management provider that is unifying commerce and compliance towards a cash-less society.
Chief Technical Officer

Skeeve Stevens

Futurist, Future Crime Consultant, Entrepreneur, Lecturer, Keynote Speaker, Implantee, Ex-Hacker, Red Teams, Polymath, Q Future Warfare and Policing; Consumerism; gamification, IoT, Robotics, Transhumanism & Biohacking, Neuropriming, Nootropics), BrainWear, AI/MI, RFID/NFC, VR, Smart Wearables; Automation/Orchestration, CryptoCurrencies, Smart Cities, IoT and more.
Advising Company
Advisory and Exchange Services

ANX International

ANX Advisory is a specialist team dedicated to guiding the business strategy and technology choices for token sale projects. The deep bench of specialists provides you in-depth expertise including finance, marketing, legal, and technology. The team combines best practices and forward-looking industry trends to launch the most advanced token sale projects.

As the market for distributed ledger technology matures, ANX Exchange Services offers a competitive edge to financial institutions seeking to capture new opportunities through blockchain technology. The team creates standard, white labelled exchange products, offering speed to market with customizable branding, mobile client options and debit card integrations.

Advising Company

Business Development and Strategy

Ikigai Group

Ikigai Group is providing the entire spectrum of information about the current Cryptocurrency world while taking all of the fundamental, technical, sociological and chronological factors into account, while striving to increase the transparency and efficiency of the modern markets and businesses, their core focus is to attract and develop more sustainable solutions where both investors and startups benefit from the scalability of the solved problem.

Advising Company

Payments and Compliance

Till Payments

Till Payments is a pioneering Fintech and Regtech provider with operations in Australia, UK, US and UAE providing unified commerce and taxation compliance solutions to over 500 global clients representing approximately 50000 payment endpoints and over $2b in annual merchant turnover. Members of the Linux Foundation and Hyperledger, Till Payments is at the forefront of next generation blockchain based payment and taxation compliance solutions for the government, financial services and banking sector.


Managing Director

David Anderson

B.Com (Melb), Dip SIA, M.App.Fin
David is a co-founder of First Guardian Group. He brings over 15 years of Investment Management and commercial experience to the rm. He is jointly responsible for the management of First Guardian’s investment portfolios, and is responsible for setting and implementing the Firm’s business strategy. As a uent speaker of Mandarin and Indonesian, David has established strong business links across Asia.

Prior to establishing First Guardian Group, David gained extensive experience with top tier global institutional investment managers. David managed over $150 million of equities at UBS Global Asset Management, where he worked for 7 years. David also spent 5 years at Goldman Sachs JBWere Asset Management, working as a Senior Investment Analyst.

Chief Investment Officer, Chairman

Simon Selimaj

B.Bus, Dip SIA, Dip BA, ISFA
Simon is a Chairman and Director of First Guardian Group, and is the Chief Investment Of cer. Simon has over twenty ve years’ fund management experience as a portfolio manager. He has specialised skills in equities research and macroeconomic analysis. Simon has developed the First Guardian Capital’s Multi-Strategy Investment Matrix model which we apply across all our investment strategies.

Simon’s extensive experience as a portfolio manager was gained initially at Trust Company and Colonial Mutual. While at Colonial, Simon managed global equities portfolios for institutional clients. Simon was also an Investment Manager at JP Whitney, one of Asia’s largest hedge funds, based in Tokyo, managing portfolios of over $7 billion across the Asia Paci c region.

Business Development Manager

Michelle Gong

M.Mgt (Finance) B.Com (SHUFE)
Michelle has a background in investment management and research across listed equities and real asset projects. She has developed keen analytical and research skills, through both study and practical application. Her focus is on presenting First Guardian’s investment capabilities to clients where she can apply both her communication skills and commercial knowledge. Her insightful, working knowledge of investment markets, coupled with outstanding customer service skills makes Michelle a valuable resource when engaging with institutional and wholesale clients. She plays a key role in First Guardian’s domestic and offshore capital raising activities.

Prior to joining First Guardian, Michelle held roles at ICBC, responsible for the account management of derivatives trading clients in Hong Kong.

Investment Analyst

Mandy Fu

B.Eng (Indust. Design) M.Mgt (Accounting)
Mandy’s focus is on investment research and analysis, covering project feasibility and nancial modelling. Before she joined First Guardian Capital, Mandy worked with PwC in Assurance Service, providing professional service to a range of clients from construction and property development industries.

Mandy has advanced skills in industrial design, which she applies when reviewing project plans for potential investment. She speaks uent mandarin and has a Master of Management Accounting degree from the University of Melbourne. Mandy is an Af liate Member of ACCA, a leading global body for professional accountants. Her additional skills include project management and nancial reporting.

Investment Analyst

Jeremy Foo

B.Com/B.Eng Hons (ChE) (Monash)
Jeremy’s background includes work in scienti c research and technology, manufacturing and Not-for-pro t sectors. Before he joined First Guardian Group, he worked as project consultant for a Not-for-pro t, where he applied his chemical engineering expertise to uncover opportunities for the Australian recycling industry. He is multilingual, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and a Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Chemical Engineering) from Monash University.

With a background of two distinct elds and a widespread experience across different sectors, Jeremy brings a different approach to his work, and was awarded rst runner-up for the best Chemical Engineering design project in Melbourne whilst in university. His skills include nancial modelling, project management and presentation.

Investment Analyst

Tim Young

M.Comm (Fin, Mkt) B.App.Sci (Psy)
Tim’s responsibilities encompass research, analysis and project management, with advanced abilities in synthesising information and coming up with feasible solutions and nancial models for a range of innovative investment idea’s. He is able to think of the big picture and effectively delegate, manage and work on various tasks with prodigious ef ciency. Prior to joining First Guardian Group he was a nance tutor at La Trobe University, using his advanced theoretical knowledge and statistical acumen acquired throughout his studies to clearly communicate and work towards a common goal with his students.

He holds a Master of Commerce (Finance, Marketing) with Distinction, and a Bachelor of Applied Science from Deakin University. With such a diverse background and experiences he is able to approach the valuation of disparate investment projects from an entirely new perspective and promptly compartmentalize the task, delegate responsibilities if needed, and compound the information to the bene t of the entire team.

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